Three EIT supported energy ventures

The EIT Community: Finding solutions to the world's energy problems

Given the EIT's vision, 'to develop world-class solutions to societal challenges,' and the nature of our Innovation Communities, it's not surprising to find innovators in the energy sphere.

What is surprising is the variety. Here we take a look at three of them.

Solease is a Dutch company supported by EIT Climate-KIC. Back in 2012, Solease won the Dutch edition of the EIT Climate-KIC Venture Competition, and soon followed this up by signing a contract with its first customer, no less than Utrecht University.

The deal allowed university employees to rent 12 solar panels for their homes for EUR 54 a month without having to make heavy investments. Employees could save up to 10% immediately on their energy bill. Solease took care of installing the panels, as well as their monitoring and maintenance.

At the time, CEO Pierre Vermeulen explained:

'A lease construction like this one is an ideal way to translate long term sustainable benefits into an added value in the present. A monthly lease amount will lead to transparency to the end customer as to what the real cost and benefit of photovoltaic solar energy is.'

[video is in Dutch]

Supported by EIT Climate-KIC.

Enervalis's mission is simple: to help electricity producers, distributors and consumers to save or make money by automatically optimising their energy supply, storage and demand flexibility.

The company’s main offering is the ‘SMARTPOWER-Suite® software as a service’ (SAAS) and hardware solutions, which enables sustainable energy solutions for electric vehicles, buildings and micro-grids. The technology includes features such as a forecasting engine for energy production and consumption, and access to wholesale energy market trading, which can be combined as necessary to meet the individual needs of each user.

Stefan Lodeweyckx, founder and CEO of the company, had an unusual approach when it came to developing the start-up and its innovative technology. 'I experimented with ways to apply game consoles as an energy gateway in home situations,' he explained. 'I saw economic potential in complex energy services at a residential level, and wanted to continue working on this independently. That is how Enervalis got started.'

Supported by EIT InnoEnergy.

Generating energy from biogas is the core business of Arol Energy, a venture supported by EIT InnoEnergy France. 

Arol Energy offers complete technical solutions that enable biogas producers to reduce their environmental impact and improve their overall financial return, by reducing energy consumption and total costs over the life-time of the project.

Arol Energy proposes an innovative business model based on turnkey solutions, addressing both the economical and technical issues of a customer. In addition, Arol Energy has the capability to address the three conversion segments: conversion into electricity + conversion into biomethan for gas injection + conversion into biomethane for biofuel.

Supported by EIT InnoEnergy.

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Main Photo: Three EIT supported energy ventures