EIT Climate-KIC’s PhD Catapult

Take part in EIT Climate-KIC’s PhD Catapult

A two-week thematic summer school across Europe


Join a community of change-makers and share your knowledge and skills to develop solutions to climate change issues.

EIT Climate-KIC's two-week Autumn Schools have climate-related topics and take place in different European locations. Connecting PhD students from around the globe, the Catapults are hubs for new ideas with interdisciplinary approaches. Recruitment is now open!

Combining knowledge from various disciplines, new skills are acquired and innovative ideas brought to life. A combination of discussions with international academic experts and practitioners, creative transferable skills sessions, inspiring workshops, site visits and assignments create a unique learning experience for our students. In addition to the delivery of knowledge and skills, the programme is about connecting people and ideas.

In the Autumn of 2018 EIT Climate-KIC offers three editions on different topics and locations:

Sustainable Land Use: Short Food Supply Chains in Operation 

22nd September – 6th October in Budapest and Valencia

Sustainable Land Use & Urban Transitions: Design for Deconstruction in Wood 

16th – 29 September in Gothenburg

Urban Transitions: Creating Resilient Corridors 

10th – 21th September in Bologna

Questions? You can approach Frederic Escartin: Frederic.Escartin@climate-kic.org

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