#GoSAFE: mobility across the world being safe

EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget: EUR 465 829

Partners: Engineering (IT), HOP Ubiquitous (ES), Datacon (NL), Degetel (FR), Microlan (NL), Chino.io (IT)

Innovation: The aim of #GoSAFE is to establish an interoperability model to enable cross border mobility during COVID-19 crisis, based on: (1) Solid national back offices providing information on people infected and (2) the GoSAFE BioSurveillance Kit BSK. The #GoSafe passport is a token or a tag (that can be physical or virtual). Once the user will log in to a generic system of a mobility operator, he/she will ask both for the ticket and at the same time for the virtual token for the assessment of his/her health status with respect to COVID-19. No other data of any other people will be requested from the application.

Expected Results: GoSAFE’s main goal is to create the conditions and the standards for an EU free COVID-19 passport, in other words a, ‘#GoSafe passport’ that gives the holder the right to travel safely among different countries. The approach is totally privacy-preserving.

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