The EIT and the Digital Education Action Plan

Enhancing Digital and Entrepreneurship Skills among Girls

The EIT wants to play a role in combating the underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurship, economic leadership and the technology sector, which remains a significant and globally recognised problem. This is already being done through Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership activities. In 2018, the EIT welcomed the European Commission's adoption of the Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP), which supports technology use and digital competence development in education.

There is a ‘lack of interest among girls to pursue studies information and communication technologies (ICT) and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)’ which ‘remains a clear problem'. This leads to lost social and economic opportunities and risks reinforcing gender inequality’, as indicated by the European Commission in the DEAP communication.

The EIT plans to contribute to the implementation of the Commission’s Action 8 Training in digital and entrepreneurial skills for girls through a series of activities on digital and entrepreneurial skills to be organised throughout Europe for girls in primary and secondary education.

Closing the gender gap through digital and entrepreneurship education is vital if Europe is to fully embrace the benefits of the digital revolution. While both girls and boys have similar levels of interest and competence in digital technologies, fewer girls go on to develop this interest in their studies or for their career. Girls and young women require positive examples, role models and support to overcome stereotypes and realise that they too can embark on a fulfilling and successful career in ICT and STEM. Increasing female participation in these careers will help unleash Europe’s digital potential and ensure that women take an equal place in shaping the digital world.

Promoting positive role models and enhancing digital and entrepreneurial skills in girls will help tackle the gender gap and boost female participation in science, technology and business, and is critical for competitiveness. 

Project goals

The specific goals we aim to achieve in collaboration with our partners are:

  • Promote positive role models and enhance digital and entrepreneurial skills in girls that help to tackle the gender gap and boost female participation in science, technology and business
  • Inspire female students to consider careers in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Organise a series of workshops on digital and entrepreneurial skills throughout Europe with particular focus on EIT RIS countries, for girls in primary and secondary education (up to 20 000 girls by the end of 2020)

 In 2019 the EIT has  organised a series of workshops on digital and entrepreneurial competences for around 800 female students in the following countries: Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Bulgaria.

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