Global Outreach

The EIT Global Outreach Programme expands EIT’s footprint in innovation hot spots around the world, connecting talents, knowledge and key players worldwide to tackle societal challenges faced by Europe and the world.

Acknowledging the importance of international cooperation in tackling such challenges, the EIT and its KICs established together in 2018 the EIT Global Outreach Programme - the first EIT Community coordinated effort at global level. The programme builds on EIT’s signature Knowledge Triangle Integration (KTI) model, linking business, research and education to create relationships and market opportunities in key locations outside Europe.

One of the key goals of the Global Outreach Programme is to position EIT’s innovation model at international level, thereby strengthening the EIT Community and EU brand globally. By working together, the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities develop activities that showcase EIT-supported innovations at international level and create tailor-made support to facilitate the internationalisation efforts of European entrepreneurs and innovators. They also bring together knowledge and resources from the EIT innovation ecosystem and the selected outreach locations to tackle global challenges and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The programme also provides a platform for the EIT Community to team up with EU Member States and other European Union programmes and initiatives, to achieve greater impact in full alignment with the EU Global Approach in research and innovation.  

Currently two EIT Hubs exist under the Global Outreach programme, one in Silicon Valley, USA and the other in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Find out more about the EIT Global Outreach programme on its dedicated website

Strategic Framework for EIT Community Global Outreach Activities