EIT Manufacturing model

EIT Manufacturing’s model for innovation

The EIT Manufacturing innovation programmes will bring new technologies to the market and develop new value chains around innovation hotspots, which are situations where enabling technologies can solve complex manufacturing problems, add substantial value and significantly contribute to transform our industry.

EIT Manufacturing initiatives put tools and processes in place to foster the launch, development and growth of new products, services, processes and integrated solutions to face the future challenges of manufacturing.

Each activity combines the essential ingredients to accelerate innovation: people (and their knowledge and skills), enabling infrastructure and enabling finance.

Launch programme

  • Identify future trends, emerging technologies or disruptive technology combinations that have strong potential, through the Enabling Technologies and Customer Radar, a powerful digital tool for technology foresight and business intelligence that provides solid information to launch innovation hotspots.
  • Select and prioritise Innovation Hotspots, considering all sides of the knowledge triangle.

Develop programme

  • Accelerate potential technologies and business models towards a higher level of readiness that allows their entry into market.

Grow programme

  • Drive the transformation of the existing manufacturing tissue in Europe by fostering the adoption of new technologies and business models by multiple value chain actors, bringing together financial, technical and human support.