Apply to EIT Health's Investor Network Accelerator Programme

EIT Health brings together the Investor Network, a Europe-wide consortium of investors offering early-stage funding to promising healthcare start-ups.

The EIT Health Investor Network facilitates early-stage fundraising across Europe to help accelerate innovative ideas to health markets faster. The network connects qualified companies seeking funding with a pool of selected European investors. We work with investors including early-stage venture capitalists, family offices, angel networks or super angels.

Is it for me?

  • Are your raising a Seed or Series A round of funding?
  • Are you an early stage investor interested in healthcare?
  • The EIT Health Investor Network supports the most innovative European healthcare start-ups.
  • If you are a European registered company seeking equity from €500,000 to €10 million, or if you are seeking to invest in a qualified healthcare deal flow, we’d love to hear from you.

Start-ups: Why the Investor Network?

Raising funds is a lengthy and complex process for start-ups, especially those looking to launch in multiple markets across Europe. The Investor Network can help you to navigate that process.

After a detailed evaluation of your project, you will receive recommendations of next steps. You will also have the opportunity to connect with some of the most active early stage healthcare private and institutional investors in Europe. The EIT Health Investor Network team will introduce your project to the network, as well as to specific investors, while providing you with insights and access to the services you need.

Please download the application guidelines below for more detailed information.

Investors: Why the Investor Network?

Are you an early stage investor seeking a pre-qualified healthcare deal flow from Europe?

The Investor Network is made up of venture capitalists, family office and angel networks. The network can help facilitate deal flows in biotech, medtech and digital health from Europe and Israel, with companies that have been reviewed and approved by our pool of experts in healthcare investment.

There is also the opportunity to syndicate and to network within EIT Health.

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Application process

For start-ups

Applications are ongoing. Applications must be filed through the EIT Health Optimy Registration platform.

Application cost: €1,000

This fee covers:

  • A detailed review and assessment of your project by our evaluation team.
  • A one-hour web call with two healthcare investors, expert in either Biotech, Medtech or Digital Health and carefully selected by our team throughout Europe.
  • A one-page report with your evaluation grade, your strengths, recommendations and an oral feedback post result.

In case of acceptance, your company receives: 

  • A full one-year entry into the Investor Network
  • Featured in at least one newsletter and one deal letter sent to all our investors
  • Personalised promotion by our team towards selected investors
  • Invitation to pitch at various events in Europe or by webpitch
  • Access to the EIT Health Network, its partners and programmes
  • A pan-European press release and communication campaign when funds have been successfully raised
  • The opportunity to be supported by the network for your following round

In case of non-acceptance: For evaluation scores above 60%, your company will be given the possibility to reapply free of charge after six months.

For more details please download the application guidelines below.

Contact for startups:

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For investors

Investors, please contact:


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