EIT Manufacturing supports Danobatgroup Call to develop AI solutions for smart manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing is supporting the call launched by DANOBATGROUP, aiming at start-ups capable of developing artificial intelligence solutions for modelling, analysing and processing data extracted from machines and production systems.

This open innovation call, launched on February 8th 2022, is part of the programme Make In launched by Debegesa (Agency for the Economic Development of Lower Deba), in collaboration with EIT Manufacturing and ieTeam.

AI technologies are very important for manufacturing players as it helps them understand their operations and products to a deeper extent resulting in better decisions but also in the generation of new business models based on services for their clients.

Gala Maturana, EIT Manufacturing West Manager of Business Creation Manager

In this call, EIT Manufacturing has the role to disseminate this opportunity among AI start-ups at a European level, leveraging the local ecosystems of the 5 Co-location Centres together with their 13 Innovation Hubs in RIS countries.


In terms of its digital development strategy, Danobatgroup currently has a large amount of data from its fleet of machines in operation, so synergies are being sought to implement AI solutions that bring added value to its customers, generate new lines of business, and develop digital solutions that enable to the company to operate in new markets.

Within the framework of this programme, Danobatgroup offers participating start-ups the possibility to conceptualize, develop and implement the solutions through a pilot project; financial compensation to cover the costs of the pilot test; access to the knowledge and experience of the group’s team of professionals and its technological partner, the research centre specialised in Advanced Manufacturing IDEKO and access to Danobatgroup’s international network of customers and suppliers and long-term partnership to become part of the organisation’s Open Innovation ecosystem.

This call for proposals targets start-ups with disruptive and innovative AI solutions that are already on the market. Interested start-ups can find all the information and apply through the application form until the 24th February to 12:00 midday.

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