The EIT is forming the next generation of entrepreneurs by integrating traditional scientific programmes and entrepreneurial education. By being part of the EIT's Innovation Communities, your company will have direct access to talent as well as an opportunity to develop new curricula together with universities – a great opportunity to find talent at the source!

By working in a long-term partnership such as an Innovation Community, your company’s innovation capacity will be boosted. Bringing together professionals with different backgrounds will trigger the type of innovative thinking that will greatly benefit your company. Decisions in the Innovation Communities are taken by their partners, by participating in an Innovation Community, you can make a difference!

Small and medium-sized enterprises will find that the EIT creates a direct avenue of contact with innovation players across Europe. By integrating with a European network, you will be working with Universities, researchers and big companies. These interactions will greatly contribute to the development of your SME. By sharing your experience with other Innovation Community partners, you will be in a privileged position to learn from other European markets, access them and expand your operations!