What is a rationale behind a limitation of a number of partners to 50 (49 partners + coordinator)?


Starting a KIC with a maximum of 50 committed partners is an appropriate ceiling for the start-up phase of a KIC and ensures a focussed strategy that can be effectively implemented. The EIT is not only responsible for selecting KICs but also ensuring their effective operation after designation. The proper set up of a KIC safeguards the effective and efficient operations of the partnership and a KIC is a much more complex and much more integrated structure than that of other more standard research and development consortia.

50 committed partners can form an excellent consortium meeting the objectives of the KIC model. As KICs strive for excellence, only excellent partners should form a consortia and having 50 excellent and committed partners in the consortium is already a challenge.

The limitation of the number of partners applies at the proposal stage only. A KIC remains an open partnership and the limitation concerns only the application stage, i.e. partners can enter and exit a KIC at a later stage in line with the KIC’s applicable provisions for partner entry and exit.