EIT Strategy 2021 - 2027

To prepare for the EIT’s future and to better serve Europe as its largest innovation community, the EIT has presented its strategy for beyond 2020.

The EIT’s Strategic Innovation Agenda (EIT SIA) 2021-2027 sets out the EIT's vision, key objectives and the impact to be achieved by 2027, including the global challenges proposed to address.

We submitted our strategy to the European Commission in December 2017 as the basis and input for the EIT’s future role and position in the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2021-2027.

EIT vision

Our vision is to become a global innovation leader delivering world-class solutions to global societal challenges that create jobs and improve the quality of life of citizens. To achieve this, we will significantly reinforce Europe’s innovation capacity by connecting and empowering people and organisations to create, educate and innovate.

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Next steps

The European Commission’s proposal establishing Horizon Europe, the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2021-2027, sets out the proposed budget for the EIT for the next period as well as its rationale, including areas of intervention, broad lines of activity and performance indicators.

As the Horizon Europe proposal itself does not provide the legal basis for continuing the EIT operations beyond 2020, the EIT Regulation is currently being revised, in particular those provisions related to the:

  • EIT mission
  • objectives and tasks
  • EIT bodies, activities and selection of Innovation Communities
  • financial resources or provisions related to programming and reporting.

The proposal for a new Strategic Innovation Agenda of the EIT for 2021-2027 will be submitted alongside the proposal for the revision of the EIT Regulation. Impact assessment that will accompany the EC proposals for the revision of the EIT Regulation and the Strategic Innovation Agenda of the EIT for 2021-2027 will be based on vast amount of available evidence collected in the past years. This is expected in mid-2019.

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