EIT Stakeholder Forum

EIT Stakeholder Forum

The EIT Stakeholder Forum is our premier outlet for engaging with our multiple stakeholders & partners. 

In 2020, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum consisted of three online consultations and three digital events. The main purpose of the Stakeholder Forum 2020 was to raise the visibility of the EIT Community’s activities & achievements and provide a platform for our stakeholders to express their views on our future work. Through the Forum, over 1 000 stakeholders were able to give their input on the EIT’s planned activities, as outlined in the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda 2021-2027.

We have captured the results of the EIT Stakeholder Forum 2020 in our report - Making Innovation Happen for a Strong and Resilient Europe. The report summarises the Forum’s events & consultations and lays out the main ideas and suggestions we received from stakeholders on the following areas of the EIT’s work: fostering regional development, supporting innovation in higher education, ensuring our community’s transparency and openness, and cooperating with other EU programmes and EU Member States. 

You can find detailed reports on the results of the Forum’s online consultations below. 

We will draw on our stakeholders’ suggestions and ideas to improve our work to catalyse European innovation. Thank you to all our stakeholders for their support and feedback! 

Please write to us if you have questions about the EIT Stakeholder Forum  

Additional background information on the online consultation topics can be found here: 

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