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EIT Strategy 2021 - 2027

To prepare for the EIT’s future as an integral part of European innovation and to serve Europe better as its largest Innovation Community, the EIT is currently developing its next Strategic Innovation Agenda (EIT SIA) 2021-2027.


The EIT SIA will set out our vision, key objectives and the impact we aim to achieve by 2027, including the global challenges we will address.


As part of our work to date, we have developed a Strategic Outline that presents the main directions for the EIT post-2020 and reflects our current considerations and plans. As we continue to amend and fine-tune our strategy, this document will serve as a basis for consultation with the EIT's stakeholders.

Stakeholder input and feedback

We will collect input and feedback from our stakeholders until 8 November 2017 in order to finalise the EIT SIA by December 2017.

The collection of your feedback is now complete. Thank you for your comments on the direction of our future strategy and potential future EIT thematic areas

You can contribute to the EIT's strategy by:

The participants of INNOVEIT shared their views at the EIT's Innovation Forum – INNOVEIT 2017, on 16 and 17 October in Budapest.

Four parallel workshops were held: 

1. The potential global societal challenges we aim to address

2. Our future education agenda

3. The way we will deliver innovations to citizens via our innovation model

4. How we will support bringing regions to excellence through our EIT Regional Innovation Scheme

Each link above takes you to a background document for each session. 

The above documents provide a good starting point for informing yourself of the EIT's future strategy. Provide your comments here.