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EIT Entrepreneurial Education: Learn from Leaders of European Innovation

We’ll teach you no matter where you are career-wise 

Whether you’re looking for a diploma that directly plugs you into a career in innovation or just a few hours of extra skills training to stay on top at your job, the EIT Community is here for you. And regardless of how much time you spend with us, you’ll still graduate into Europe’s largest innovation network! 

Learnings on every cutting-edge topic at any level 

Our EIT Campus platform offers hundreds of courses and trainings taught by our Knowledge and Innovation Communities and their partners in every major future tech sector. They won’t just teach you the ins and outs of sustainable tech – they’ll teach you the leadership skills and business savvy you need to get your innovative ideas off the ground.  

Join the future of tech with our Deep Tech Talent Initiative 

Are you curious about what technologies like AI, quantum computing, robotics, or renewable energy mean for you and your community? Skills in those domains have never been in higher demand. If you’re planning on making your CV more attractive or thinking about how you can steer deep tech in a positive direction (why not both?), our deep tech trainings may just be for you. 

Already know what kind of innovation you’re passionate about? 

You can directly check out our Knowledge and Innovation Communities’ offerings on their websites

Here at the EIT, education, innovation, and business creation are always part of the same package. Many of our Community’s programmes will connect you to people who can both help you develop your own sustainable solution ideas and teach you how to run a successful business.  

Courses that bear our EIT Label are all guaranteed to make sure you’re getting hands-on experience across Europe that directly prepares you for your chosen sector and connects you to the right people. 

We want you to have a quality education.  

Our alumni community is a lifelong professional network 

The end of your time with us as a learner won’t be the end of your time with our Community. Both during and after your chosen EIT education programme, you’ll have easy access to a network that includes: 

  • Investors and Venture Capital firms 
  • Businesses and non-profit associations 
  • EU institutions and Member State officials 
  • Universities and research centres 

Building engines of innovation: Our HEI Initiative 

Our HEI Initiative helps higher education institutions get all the resources they need to teach innovation and entrepreneurship skills. We provide: 

  • Expertise and coaching 
  • Funding 
  • Access to our innovation network 
  • Help developing innovation action plans to meet institution needs 

Transform your higher education institution into an incubator for sustainable growth and jobs for Europe! Learn more about the HEI Initiative.