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The EIT’s mission is to create an environment that enables entrepreneurship and innovation to flourish across Europe and beyond. To support this, the EIT organises awards to showcase some of the leading entrepreneurial talent, start-ups, scale-ups, innovative projects, and entrepreneurial talent Europe has to offer. And as the EIT is dedicated to opening business and tech to greater gender equity, the EIT Awards also celebrate the innovations and businesses being created by women across the continent.

The EIT Awards is our time to celebrate and discover some of the high-impact EIT Community innovations. By highlighting innovative solutions to pressing global challenges – and the talented innovators behind them – the EIT Awards inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. They also showcase how the EIT Community supports and develops entrepreneurial careers. Each award comes with a monetary prize of EUR 50 000 (first place), EUR 20 000 (second place), and EUR 10 000 (third place). 

For the first time ever, the EIT Awards featured the semi-finals for the European Prize for Women Innovators, presented in partnership with our friends at the European Innovation Council (EIC)! The winners will be unveiled at the 2024 EIC Summit in March.


EIT Award Categories

The Innovation Team Award 

Celebrates and recognises the innovation team – made up of researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs – that developed the best unique product, service or process with high added value and breakthrough potential in their respective fields.

The Changemaker Award

Celebrates and recognises the best role model and leader from within the EIT Community's education programmes, and whose activities and achievements have the potential to generate a significant social impact.

The Venture Award

Celebrates and recognises the company with the greatest potential to generate a significant impact on citizens, specific markets, innovation ecosystems, and the economy overall, addressing major societal challenges.

The Public Award

The general public will be able to vote for their favourite nominated innovation from the EIT Community.