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Marnie McGregor

Supported by

EIT Climate-KIC

Nominated for

EIT Changemaker Award

Marnie Janet McGregor (Canada), Board Chair of Ecogenia (Greece), which functions as a national youth corps, aiming to empower thousands of young Greeks by coupling them with partner organisations through a paid service model. The organisation's unique approach not only addresses youth unemployment but also propels sustainable development initiatives across Greece. In collaboration with the EIT Climate-KIC Greece Pioneer group, Ecogenia has tapped into global and local networks for funding and opportunities. Through the Energopolis project, Ecogenia extends its impact by equipping local municipalities and partners with the capacity to address future energy resilience challenges.  

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As the City of Vancouver staff lead at the COP21 conference in Paris, I recognised the impact that local governments can have on the international stage with the development of the Paris Agreement. I was also profoundly impacted by seeing the youth movement marching in the streets to hold governments accountable for action, and that we are all working together to secure the future of our planet.