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EIT at a glance

Europe’s largest innovation network strengthening innovation since 2008

Our mission is to create jobs and deliver sustainable and smart growth. We’re an integral part of Horizon Europe, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. 

A model based on partnerships across industries

We’re a unique EU body in that our method for driving innovation involves bringing together organisations across business, education, and research. The goal of these partnerships is to find and commercialise solutions to pressing global challenges. For each global challenge, there is an ecosystem of partnerships called Knowledge and Innovation Communities.

Partnerships that foster talent and ingenuity

To face these global challenges, our community of partners offers a wide range of education courses, business creation and acceleration services, and innovation-driven research projects.

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An integral part of Horizon Europe

Our objectives are tied with that of Horizon Europe. 

Horizon Europe, the Framework Programme for research and innovation, is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of EUR 95.5 billion. It is dedicated to tackling climate change and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is also dedicated to boosting the EU’s global competitiveness and economic growth.

Pillar 3 of Horizon Europe is ‘Innovative Europe”. That’s where we come in as contributors. With our budget of EUR 3 billion, we:

  • Strengthen sustainable innovation ecosystems across Europe
  • Foster the development of entrepreneurial and innovation skills in a lifelong learning perspective
  • Support EU universities in integrating more entrepreneurial education
  • Bring new solutions to global societal challenges to the market
  • Create synergies and added value within Horizon Europe

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Read the EIT regulation

For all legal information regarding our mission and framework, check our legal page.