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Tech alone will not be enough to make “sustainability” tangible for the average European. It has to be something you can walk through, look at, listen to, and participate in. Something you can wear or live inside of. This requires the power of art and creativity.

EIT Culture & Creativity is a Knowledge and Innovation Community that’s bringing creatives from all walks of life together to rethink how we live as Europeans. That includes rethinking the way we currently run our cultural and creative sectors and industries from fashion to film and empowering creatives to transform it according to their vision of the green and digital transitions.

Imagination has no limits and you won’t either with EIT Culture & Creativity

EIT Culture & Creativity has no lesser ambition than to bring about new wave of cultural and artistic renewal in Europe to accompany the Green and Digital transitions. It is ready to support artists of all kinds to make this happen. If your project could contribute to its overarching goals, don’t hesitate to to ask for support!

EIT Culture & Creativity can help you:

  • Learn all about how to be more tech-savvy and multidisciplinary as a creative along with how you can contribute to a more sustainable society
  • Develop business acumen and innovation skills in experimental spaces, giving you the confidence to launch your creative projects
  • Find investors and businesses willing to advise you and support your endeavours
  • Get the support you need to get your new company off the ground in Europe
  • Develop a network in the culture and creativity sector that will last a lifetime