EIT Alumni

What is EIT Alumni?

The EIT Alumni community brings together an interdisciplinary and multicultural community of change agents who share a common vision for tackling societal challenges and creating positive impact through innovation and entrepreneurship.  The EIT Alumni Community consists of members of the Alumni Communities of the EIT's Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs), stemming both from their Education, Business creation and Innovation programmes.  With a strong and organised community, its strengths lay in network effects, and in the strong societal impact that EIT Alumni Community members can have.

Mission of the EIT Alumni 

Inspire and facilitate interdisciplinary and multicultural collaboration as well as skill and knowledge transfer to boost entrepreneurial action and career development and amplify the impact of our innovation activities to tackle major societal challenges.  By leveraging on the unique skill set of Alumni members, the EIT Alumni can contribute to the on-going mission of the EIT to boost innovation in Europe. 

Objectives of the EIT Alumni 

  • Be a sustainable community, by reinforcing the governance and operational structure of the EIT Alumni Community, and developing financial sustainability strategies and value-added activities
  • Be a dynamic, entrepreneurial and growing community, by allowing for a deeper cross-KIC Alumni Communities’ integration, communication and knowledge sharing across their activities and practices, both online and offline. 
  • Be a visible and stakeholders’ engaging community, by increasing the visibility of the EIT Alumni Community and connecting with recognised brands and institutions across Europe and beyond. 
  • Be an impact-oriented community, by fostering EIT KIC Alumni cross-communities’ activities, and EIT Alumni members‘ entrepreneurial and innovation skills development and career support. 

Activities of the EIT Alumni  

EIT Alumni activities aim to enable and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills within the EIT Alumni community and beyond. The Community encourages and empowers its members to keep pushing boundaries and generate solutions that make a positive change. The EIT Alumni organises and supports a number of pan-European activities. These range from bottom up, alumni driven initiatives such as local Women@EIT events in support of women entrepreneurship, to the promoting of EIT Alumni Board Members who actively participate in European events on behalf of the EIT Alumni, developing their own skills while also increasing community visibility. In addition, the EIT Alumni has other flagship activities., such as EIT Alumni CONNECT event, EIT Alumni Challenges and Hackatons and the EIT Alumni Startup Days.

Board of the EIT Alumni 

The EIT Alumni Board, made up of representatives of the five current individual Alumni Communities of the EIT’s Innovation Communities, is responsible for the strategic development of the EIT Alumni Community, to further develop it, and to encourage an active exchange between members. In its work, the EIT Alumni Board ensures complementarity and alignment with KIC Alumni Associations and the EIT`s strategies and activities.


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