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Global challenges

Raw Materials

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Only a fraction of the raw materials we need for Europe to be a global champion in sustainability are available at home. That means we’re extraordinarily dependent on resources coming from abroad, including from our rivals and adversaries. 

Luckily, the green transition isn’t just our end goal – it’s part of the solution too! The Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT RawMaterials is showing the world that the circular economy approach may just be the solution to the resource access problem. By innovating in recycling, substitution, processing, mining, and exploration, we can secure what Europe needs to grow and be competitive.

Help secure the building blocks of Europe’s future

We need to revolutionise every step of the raw materials value chain. If you have ideas for how to improve any part of the raw materials lifecycle, EIT RawMaterials is here to support you. Whether it’s imagining a zero-waste future or discovering new ways to recycle precious materials, EIT RawMaterials can give you the means and the network to get it done.

EIT RawMaterials can help you:

  • Learn all about raw material value chains and where innovation is in dire need
  • Develop the skills and business acumen you need to confidently try new solutions and launch your venture
  • Find investors and businesses willing to advise you and support your endeavours
  • Get the support you need to get your new company off the ground in Europe
  • Develop a network in the raw materials sector that will last a lifetime


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