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Europe has the potential to become a tech giant. To do this, Europe needs to be at the top of the wave, guiding digital technology according to European values and sustainability goals that help the planet and its inhabitants.

EIT Digital believes we can be on top of that wave. It has made it its mission to keep Europe at the cutting edge of digital innovation, growing Europe’s digital talent and helping them launch internationally successful ventures. 

You can be at the forefront of the European digital transition with EIT Digital

The digital transition can be a force for good if it’s in the right hands. If you want to help ensure that strategically vital tech like machine learning and encryption are used to help people and planet, you’ve come to the right place. 

EIT Digital can help you:

  • Learn all about new digital technologies and where innovation is needed
  • Develop the skills and business acumen you need to confidently launch your digital venture
  • Find investors and businesses willing to advise you and support your endeavours
  • Get the support you need to get your new company off the ground in Europe
  • Develop a tech sector network that will last a lifetime



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