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Global challenges

Sustainable Energy

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At the centre of all efforts to decarbonise Europe is how we power our society. Transportation, housing, industries, all of that has to get energy from somewhere. It’s time to embrace renewable energy for the cheaper, more efficient, and lifesaving solution it is.

EIT InnoEnergy is a Knowledge and Innovation Community that has become the world’s largest sustainable energy innovation ecosystem. It is taking the lead on vital pieces of the renewable energy lifecycle from photovoltaic solar panels to more efficient batteries. 

Join a network of global brands in the fight for carbon neutrality

By joining EIT InnoEnergy you’re joining an alliance of worldwide actors working to put clean energy on top. You’ll have access to all the resources you need to accelerate the energy transition. Together with EIT InnoEnergy, you can help make Europe the world model of decarbonisation.

EIT InnoEnergy can help you:

  • Learn all about sources of clean energy and the workings of energy systems
  • Develop the skills and business acumen you need to confidently try new solutions and launch your venture
  • Find investors and businesses willing to advise you and support your endeavours
  • Get the support you need to get your new company off the ground in Europe
  • Develop a network in the clean energy sector that will last a lifetime