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Amended 2018 Call for Proposals

As per Decision 7/2018 of the Governing Board of the EIT on the Amendment of Decision 26/2017 of the EIT Governing Board concerning the approval of the EIT's 2018 Call for KICs' Proposals:

The first paragraph of Chapter 7.6 of the EIT’s 2018 Call for Knowledge and Innovation Communities’ (KICs’) proposals’ (Annex 1 of Decision 27/2017 of the EIT Governing Board) shall be replaced with the following sentence:
“Following the approval of the evaluation results by the EIT Governing Board, representatives of those KIC proposals reaching the threshold of 70% of points at the Panel of Experts evaluation stage will be invited to a hearing of the EIT Governing Board.”

To download the annexes and templates please click here.