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EIT Awards 2016 - Meet the Nominees Brochure

Welcome to the EIT Awards 2016! 

The annual EIT Awards recognise the extraordinary talent found in the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). The Awards support the EIT’s efforts to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, and provide a showcase for individuals, start-ups and innovative teams within the EIT Community to demonstrate their game-changing work. 

Being nominated for an award is a great platform for further development. Previous nominees and winners have gone on to enjoy considerable success in their chosen fields, with two of 2015’s nominees recently being named in the Forbes 2016 ‘30 Under 30 Europe’ list. In the following pages you will learn about this year’s nominees and the ideas, projects and products that have led them to be in the running for a 2016 EIT Award. 

The entrepreneurial journey is only just beginning for our EIT CHANGE Award nominees. With diverse ideas ranging from a device that screens for heart disease (page 05) to an online platform for booking live music (page 08), it’s clear that these young European entrepreneurs have bright futures ahead of them. 

For EIT Venture Award nominees, the path has led them to establish start-ups and successful businesses that are beginning to make a real difference in Europe and beyond. This year’s nominated ventures include a drone designed to safely inspect industrial structures (page 11), a radiator that’s powered by computer servers (page 13) and a heat-efficient laundry dryer (page 15). 

The EIT also highlights and rewards innovative teams supported by the KICs through the EIT Innovators Award. The nominees for the EIT Innovators Award come from the EIT’s first three innovation communities: Climate-KIC, EIT Digital and KIC InnoEnergy (page 17).