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EIT Digital 2010–2020. Ten Years Anniversary Book

This book tells the story of how EIT Digital over the past decade became the largest digital innovation ecosystem in Europe, delivering on digital entrepreneurship, innovations, talents and skills.

Launched in 2010 as one of the first wave EIT KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities), the community set out on a journey of growth. Growth in terms of the community itself, growth in terms of delivery on innovation, entrepreneurship, and talent, and finally growth in terms of impact through its thought leadership.

EIT Digital matured against the background of a fast-accelerating digital world and a growing focus on entrepreneurship in Europe. Complementing the strong European research base, this entrepreneurial mindset will strengthen Europe’s position in a digital world driven by data, platforms, and the network economy. Creating a Strong Digital Europe will safeguard European values by being inclusive, fair, and sustainable.