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EIT Health Policy Input on EC's Data Strategy and AI White Paper

Contribution to the discussion on the European Commission’s Data Strategy and AI White Paper Report by the EIT Health Consultative Group, 31st May 2020

EIT Health welcomes the European Commission’s White Paper on AI and the Communication on a European Strategy for Data of 19 February 2020. EIT Health has set up a small Consultative Group (CG) of senior leaders from some of its partner organisations to provide views on policy issues in health innovation raised by the European Commission or other European Institutions. The Group does not seek consensus, but rather intends to provide informed views to support policymakers with evidence and thoughtful reflections from the ‘coal face’ of innovation in the sector. The EIT Health CG provides this document as a contribution to the related public consultations and, more generally, as input to EU-level policymaking. Separately from this document, the EIT Health CEO will propose EIT Health actions to advance the data and AI health innovation ecosystem in Europe.