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EIT Innovation Forum 2015 Highlights

INNOVEIT2015 brought together the EIT Stakeholder Forum, the EIT Awards, the EIT Roundtables and the EIT Alumni Connect event in one Innovation forum.

The objectives of the forum were to bring together a large and wide group of actors from the European Innovation Community in order to:

  • showcase selected achievements from the EIT Community and share learnings and good practice;
  • promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurship and to celebrate the best EIT ventures, graduates and innovation teams coming out of the KICs;
  • provide a platform for dialogue between the EIT Community and external stakeholders and obtain feedback on the EIT's strategy and EIT-KIC activities in order to identify lessons learnt and recommendations for the future;
  • enhance networking and collaboration with the wider European innovation community

05-07 May 2015 | Budapest, Hungary