EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS). Implementation Guidance Note

This guidance note aims at providing updated implementing rules for the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) based on the objectives, main principles and characteristics of the EIT RIS in line with the provisions set out in the amended EIT Regulation and Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA). It also offers continuation for its operationalization, in line with the Background note no. 00757.EIT.2014.D and the previous Implementation Guidance Note no. 00263.EIT.2015.D.MK.
The development and implementation of a fully-fledged EIT RIS by the EIT and its KICs was designed as a gradual process, which will be based on lessons learnt from the implementation of 2014, 2015 outreach activities plus the full implementation of the EIT RIS activities in 2016. The EIT supported the KICs in the implementation of the EIT RIS by organising dedicated workshops clarifying key principles and sharing lessons learnt as well as identifying potential challenges.