Living lab e-micromobility -MOBY Guideline of best practices, and results of e-micro mobile integration potentials

In this report we review research and statistics that illustrate how e-micromobility has become an integral part of urban mobility systems. E-micromobility should be seen as a new mode of transportation, that responds to a widespread demand for multimodal urban transport. This conclusion points to a need for conceptualizing perspectives and possible regulative frameworks, which could enable micromobility to become a significant part of an open-to-public multimodal system. In this way micromobility could constitute an important part of an attractive alternative to private motoring and fossil-fuelled vehicles.

In line with the above this study provides examples of current best-practices of e-micromobility in European cities (including Tel Aviv), as well as examples of the problems and complaints that the introduction of e-micromobility has been met with. At the end we present a toolkit for regulations, policies etc. that we believe could help release the potential of micromobility as a vital part of sustainable, intermodal urban transport.

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