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Success Stories from the EIT Alumni Community 2021

2021 has been a year of further success for the EIT Alumni Community, and this has been demonstrated by the increasingly exciting journeys of our members, embarking on new and fascinating innovation and entrepreneurship adventures. This booklet illustrates how the mission of EIT Alumni continues to foster progress and positive change for the new generations and the broader ecosystem and delivers a great value to our communities through purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) are succeeding in their mission to deploy innovative products and services, launch new businesses, and train new generations of entrepreneurs, they effectively contribute to the action needed to tackle the Global Challenges.

This booklet contains EIT Alumni Success Stories, including the entrepreneurial journeys of EIT Accelerator and Education programs alumni who succeeded in their field of expertise, putting their dreams and ideas into action, by Founding a business venture, attracting investment and raising financing rounds, winning awards at prestigious competitions, being named on recognised lists such as Forbes 30 under 30, speaking at high-level
events. and many more. The EIT Alumni Success Stories are a humble way of recognising our members’ contribution to the development of the community and the importance of their work on the innovation and entrepreneurship scene. By showcasing these Success Stories, EIT Alumni would like to create more awareness around the efforts behind every great achievement and acknowledge that our community only grows stronger and prouder with such talented and passionate members.

By providing concrete and detailed examples of how the EIT Alumni can become thought leaders by developing and diversifying their careers, this Booklet emphasises the importance of the activities performed and commitments undertaken by the EIT Alumni, as well as the true benefits of being part of this one of a kind, leading community.