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Urban Mobility Next #4 Integrated and safe: how innovation can increase micromobility end user adoption

The present report draws on the discussions and insights shared during an online workshop organised by EIT Urban Mobility on 15 and 16 September 2021. The report puts in perspective the different views expressed by the experts who contributed to the discussions (see Acknowledgement section), in a consolidated and reader-friendly way. Views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the position of EIT Urban Mobility.

Central to the paper is the question of increasing user engagement with diverse forms of micromobility. In other words, what are the levers public and private stakeholders can activate to reach this objective? First, the report addresses the topic of multimodal integration, exploring the main enablers making the adoption of micromobility easier, attractive, and more intuitive from a user point of view. Secondly, safety is being looked at as one of the most important aspect to consider, from city infrastructure, vehicle design, to performance-based indicators. Finally, recommendations highlighted by workshop experts are summarised.