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White Paper on Commercialisation and Technology Transfer

Yet, despite numerous signs of progress, especially regarding collaboration, as the last Research and Innovation analysis in the European Semester 2020 Country Reports suggest, technology transfer and commercialisation of research results remain at a low level in many European countries. Driven from EIT Communities experiences in early-stage venture creation and support, on 15 September 2021, EIT Communities gathered in Budapest to discuss how to support countries in which the pace of innovation is still moderate in becoming more advanced in the field of commercialisation and technology transfer. Aiming for a cross-disciplinary discussion, the meeting participants focused on the nexus between the two.

The invited experts and practitioners represented a wide range of “commercialisation hotspots”, including Incubators, Centres for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), Innovation and Business Managers’ offices. Given their vast hands-on experience, the participants were asked to present pragmatic insights and tools – exchanging dos and donts, real experiences, lessons learnt and creating recommendations for technology transfer actors across the EIT regions.