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EIT Alumni Startup Days X Women@EIT


On 28 September, the EIT Alumni Community are holding a special EIT Alumni Startup Days (EASD) event in Stockholm. This year the event has been handed over to the leaders of our Women@EIT Community, who have put their own spin on the hackathon - all mentors, coaches, and jury members will be women. 

What is the The EIT Alumni Startup Days?

The EASD is a flagship event of the EIT Alumni. Originally created in 2015, the EASD is a hackathon that brings together graduates, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-up enthusiasts from different fields of expertise under one roof to solve challenges faced by European society and industry. An integral part of these 12-hour hackathons is the partnership with key players in European industry, who are invited to propose the challenge for the event and judge the winning solution. 
Women @ EIT is a community led by Alumni of the EIT, aiming at promoting and supporting women in entrepreneurship and technology.

This year we have two excellent partners posing challenges:

Gleechi AB
Gleechi AB develop software solutions to enable natural interaction between humans, computers and robots. They apply this to create the next generation of industry training and certification. Gleechi AB was founded in 2014 and has been awarded as The Super Startup of the year by Veckans Affärer, and was a winner of EIT DIGITAL Idea Challenge.

Afound is a new form of outlet that is part of the H&M group, whose business idea is giving great fashion new life. Afound is a marketplace – a style and deal hunting paradise – selling discounted fashion and lifestyle products, with both external and the H&M group’s own brands. 

Two committed partners, two unique challenges, which one will you compete for? 

Registration for this event is now open! Please sign up here

Join us in Stockholm to form teams, find your best ideas, and compete for some fantastic prizes!