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EIT EdTech Conference 2024


The EIT EdTech Conference brings together key actors from across the education and innovation communities that are key to fostering European EdTech innovation.

This very first EIT Community European EdTech event, coordinated by EIT Urban Mobility, gathers Higher Education Institutions, EdTech companies, and representatives of EU Institutions and national governments, to discuss the current state of EdTech in Europe, explore the existing challenges it faces, as well as the opportunities to boost cooperation and support Europe in becoming a global frontrunner in EdTech. Through a distinctive programme that mixes co-creation and ideation sessions with high-level discussions, this event is unique in that it aims at setting future roadmaps to EdTech, designed specifically for the purpose of producing solid outcomes for the years to come and make EdTech Europe’s next success story.

By bringing together the EIT Community and the public and private sectors, this event will be an opportunity to identify synergies and find avenues for further cooperation, by sharing experiences in the use of new technology in education and working together towards concrete outcomes.

The debate will also link to broader policy frameworks and initiatives – such as the Digital Agenda for Europe, the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027, the Deep Tech Talent initiative – that seek to improve the provision of digital skills and make digital education systems truly accessible and inclusive. Through addressing the role of education, in supporting wider societal goals and transformation, European EdTech will have an invaluable role to play.

Key themes

Innovation Framework 

Discuss the current challenges that lead to fragmentation in the European EdTech sector and difficulties in rolling out solutions with the need for supportive policies and initiatives that promote the use of disruptive technologies in education, while keeping the fundamental human element at its heart, in this way bridging the gap between partnerships between governments/public institutions nd EdTech companies is key in supporting these initiatives. 

Technologies in Education 

Discover how various technologies can be used in educational settings such as computers, tablets, online platforms, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more. Technology can enhance learning experiences, increase engagement, facilitate personalised learning, and cater to different learning styles. 

EIT Community Synergies  

Get to know the EIT Community, lying at the intersection of education, research and innovations, and with a strong and diverse education portfolio, which counts more than two hundred education adn training partners. The EIT Community is ideally placed to be at the forefront of the EdTech debate in Europe, serving as a forum for discussion and the pursuit of synergies and avenues for further cooperation between industry, higher education institutions and the existing innovation and knowledge communities. 

Please view detailed agenda and the list of speakers, panelists and moderators here: 


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