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EIT Open Day Slovenia


“Raw material needs to ensure the transition to sustainable and smart mobility” is a conference within the INNOVEIT 2022 programme organised by EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Slovenia in cooperation with the EIT Raw Materials Regional Center Adria and SPIRIT Slovenia.

The event will address the key challenges and opportunities (innovative business models) for cooperation between the two sectors (raw materials and mobility) directly involved in the transition to more sustainable forms of mobility.

The European Green Deal aims to reduce GHG emissions from transport by 90% by 2050, which is why EU member states are taking steps to promote this target and the availability of sustainable alternative and intermodal transport modes for further strategic development. The integration of zero-emission vehicles into existing fleets, the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels, and associated infrastructure are just some necessary steps to achieve this. Transformation of the automotive industry through the adoption of new technologies (hydrogen, electricity, light and innovative alloys) to ensure better economic sustainability and circular development requires close collaboration between all stakeholders in the relevant industries, from the raw materials industry value chain to automotive industry suppliers that shape and determine business models within the national ecosystem.

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