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EIT @ Plant Biology Europe 2018 Conference


EIT Governing Board Chairman Peter Olesen will speak at the policy session of the Plant Biology Europe 2018 Conference about the EIT and Open Innovation. 

A policy session is part of the Plant Biology Europe 2018 Conferese program as science and policies are connected in many ways and as a way to encourage the PBE-participants to engage in debate around a current topic. Students and scientists from academia and industry will discuss with policy makers the future of plant science and innovation in Europe, looking at the concept of Open Science, which is becoming more important in light of recent developments in Europe and across the globe. During the session, each panel expert will give a short inspirational note and then the audience will engage in an open discussion with the panel experts.

The inspirational notes at the start of the policy session will be:  

  • Alan SCHULMAN, Member EPSO Board, LUKE Natural Resources Institute, FI: Open Science – basis for science, innovation and our societies today and in future. How can plant scientists contribute?
  • Niels GOETKE, Member Bioeconomy Panel of the European Commission, DK: Open Science – View on Open science and Open innovation. How can the Member States contribute? Giving examples from FACCE-JPI and SCAR.
  • Peter OLESEN, Chair Governing Board European Institute of Technology (EIT), DK: Open Science, Open Education and Open Innovation: Openness and connectivity go hand in hand.
  • Nils STENSETH, Member Science Council European Research Council (ERC): Open Science – how the ERC can contribute and how we may anticipate and mitigate challenges arising from e.g. BREXIT.
  • Pekka PESONEN, Director General CopaCogeca, BE - Open Science and access to technologies and solutions – the importance of access to agricultural technologies and of building partnerships between scientists and farmers.
  • Annette SCHNEEGANS, Senior Expert, European Commission, DG AGRI - EU agricultural research: from Open Science to Open Innovation – Contributions from Horizon Europe (FP9) and the future Common Agricultural Policy.