EIT Raw Materials - Opportunities in Processing of Metal Resources Conference


The ESEE region (East & South-East Europe) is of utmost importance to the European Union from a political as well as from an economic point of view (security of supply, economic value, employment).
The ESEE region also is of particular interest due to its unique geological potential and unique potential on secondary raw materials, which makes it relevant in connection with the European commodity strategy. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers as well as companies from the ESEE region to present their latest research in the field of mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and recycling covering primary and secondary resources.
Moreover, this conference aims to establish a network between the attendees for further joint projects in this geographic area.


  • Mineral deposits in the ESEE Region: case studies
  • Mineralogical characterization of raw materials
  • The mineral inventory of the ESEE Region
  • Innovations in Mineral Processing
  • Mineral Processing Plants in the ESEE Region: Case Studies
  • Instrumentation and Automation in Mineral Processing
  • Opportunities in the metallurgical processing of resources in the ESEE Region
  • Potential of  metal recovery from secondary resources: Case Studies
  • Innovations in metallurgical plant operations


Held in conjunction with the 5th ESEE DIALOGUE


Krisztina Korut 41-43, 1013 Budapest
Organised by: 
University of Miskolc, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, EIT Raw Materials, ASMET