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EIT RawMaterials Summit 2019


The Raw Materials Summit, the flagship event organised by the EIT RawMaterials, will take place on 20-22 May in Berlin, Germany.

The EIT RawMaterials summit will gather experts from Europe and the rest of the world to discuss innovation and new technologies covering the entire raw materials value chain. Most relevant topics in the raw materials sector will be addressed such as strategies concerning supply and access of raw materials, European industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity as well as entrepreneurship and innovation in education.

The summit will provide all participants with a unique opportunity to understand the EU positioning concerning the energy transition and the impact this will have on raw materials supply and policies.

At the venture forum, start-ups will showcase and pitch their ideas to potential investors and innovative programmes in education will be presented.

Connecting Innovation in the Raw Materials Sector

The Raw Materials Summit 2019 will include keynotes by prominent speakers from the raw materials sector, representatives of the EU Commission, entrepreneurs and startup investors. Besides the keynote speeches, a series of parallel sessions will take place on the following topics:

  • Resources: Discovery and Beyond: Resources assessment and availability, innovative exploration technologies
  • Deep, Intelligent Mining: Mining under extreme conditions, deep-sea mining, new technologies for mining
  • Minerals Processing and Materials Recycling: Increasing resource, energy and water efficiency during raw materials beneficiation
  • Advanced Materials – Enablers for Disruptive Innovation: Lightweight design, additive manufacturing, design of new alloys
  • Materials for Future Mobility: Challenges for raw materials and new materials for future mobility, including batteries and magnets
  • Resource Efficiency Cities: Urban and landfill mining, materials flow analysis, circular economy