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Seminar on Future Information and Communication Society

Chaired by Prof. Yrjö Neuvo, Member of the EIT Governing Board and Executive Committee, this EIT seminar focused on one of the thematic areas designated for the first two to three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs): The Future Information and Communication Society.

Having generated high interest from across Europe and beyond with a 98% turnout rate and over 190 participants, the EIT seminar on "Shaping the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) – Future Information and Communication Society" stimulated an active discussion among interested parties. Attendance was well balanced from all sides of the "knowledge triangle", including a very active participation from the business community (approximately 1/3 of all participants) – thereby effectively reflecting the EIT's objective of bringing together all parts of the innovation chain.

Discussions were very lively and constructive, showing the high and active level of interest of many participants in the EIT – and in interaction with the Governing Board for that matter. Contributions from the audience clearly showed that there was a broad acceptance and appreciation of the KIC concept, and that efforts were now geared towards putting forward proposals for the first KICs.

Some participants highlighted the cross-cutting nature of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), stressing that ICT will also have a role to play in those KICs addressing primarily sustainable energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The seminar was perceived as a very timely initiative both by participants and Governing Board members. Apart from fruitful discussions, the meeting also provided a much utilised opportunity for networking and partnering activities in view of the formation of future KICs.

The Seminar

Dr Yrjö Neuvo - EIT Governing Board
Presentation on "Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness"
Seminar Report 
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