Seminar on "Shaping the Knowledge and Innovation Communities"

The EIT has the goal of capitalizing on Europe's excellent research, entrepreneurial education and business to boost Europe's innovation capacity. In order to do so the shape of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) needs to be defined; and the seminar addressed two pressing questions relating to the launch of the KICs in 2010.

The first question addressed the format of the KICs and more specifically the interaction between the various forces within a KIC. Issues relating to co-allocation and to how KICs will give rise to new value chains beyond the immediate interests of individual partners were also discussed.

Secondly, the KIC selection criteria, enablers and performance measures were measured. Discussion revolved around what the key selection criteria should be, how the long-term commitment of industry can be ensured and how KICs' performances should be measured.

Europa Press Release (IP/08/1759)

The Seminar

Dr Martin Schuurmans - Chairman of the EIT Governing Board
Presentation on "Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness"

Prof Michael Kelly - Prince Philip Professor of Technology, Univeristy of Cambridge
Presentation on "Education and Innovation"

Prof Jan-Eric Sundgren - Senior Vice-President, Volvo
Presentation on "Industry - University with relevance to innovation"

Dr Alexander Von Gabain - Member of EIT Governing Board and Co-Founder of Intercell AG
Presentation on "Entrepreneurship in Innovation"

Resumés of Keynote Speaker and Rapporteurs

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