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2024 EIT Award winners guest star on's podcast

The 2024 EIT Award winners joined's Cate Lawarence to talk science, market challenges, and how the EIT Community supported their companies' unique journeys.

EIT Community-supported companies Woamy, HiQ-CARB, Altris AB, and Enline each had their moment to shine in Cate Lawrence's series of podcast interviews.

Mohammed Elamir (Woamy) and Dr. Andreas Bittner (HiQ-CARB)

Mohammed Elamir is the co-founder of Woamy, which develops biodegradable plastic-free biofoam for protective packaging to replace harmful plastic foams. (supported by EIT RawMaterials). He is the winner of the EIT Changemaker Award, which rewards a leader within the EIT Community education and skilling programmes whose activities and achievements have the potential to generate a significant social impact.

HiQ-CARB, meanwhile, was voted as the favourite innovation by public voters through the EIT Public Award for producing sustainable and resource-efficient nanomaterials for high-performance batteries (supported by EIT RawMaterials). 


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Christer Bergquist (Altris AB)

Altris AB took home the EIT Innovation Team Award for their high performance sodium-ion batteries (supported by EIT InnoEnergy). The Innovation Team Award recognises teams of innovators that have developed a breakthrough product or service.


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Manuel Lemos (Enline)

Enline won the EIT Venture Award for their vegetation and landslide predictive forecast programme (supported by EIT InnoEnergy). The Venture Award recognises the start-up with the greatest potential to generate impact on citizens, by addressing major societal challenges.


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Re-live the 2024 EIT Awards

The 2024 EIT Awards which took place in February at the EIT Summit rewarded some of the brightest minds in the EIT Community. The EIT Awards showcase how the EIT Community, Europe's largest innovation ecosystem, supports the development of entrepreneurial skills, products and services which address Europe's biggest challenges.