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AQUABATTERY Secures EUR 6 million in Seed Investment

AQUABATTERY, a Dutch climate tech start-up developing a saltwater long duration energy storage (LDES) solution, has closed EUR 6 million seed investment round. 

The round was led by EIT InnoEnergy and supported by InnovationQuarter, Invest-NL, Init Power, and a group of business angels. This is a significant milestone in the company’s roadmap to bring low-cost, sustainable LDES to the European market by 2026. 

The capital will catalyse the development of our first standardised battery module and boost the hiring of top-tier talent to the team.

Jiajun Cen, CEO and co-founder

AQUABATTERY is developing a novel flow battery that can store clean electricity in table salt and water for 8 hours or longer. When charged, the battery converts saltwater into acid and base and reverses the process when discharged. The company is preparing to launch its fourth pilot battery in Delft later this autumn.

The deal confirms the key role we expect flow batteries to play in our future energy system as we see the technology maturing into commercially viable solutions.

Roel van Diepen, Investment Director EIT InnoEnergy Benelux

With the European Union aiming to triple its renewable generation capacity by 2030, LDES will be crucial to provide intra-day, multi-day and seasonal flexibility. Invest-NL’s Bram Sprangers adds that the energy transition will benefit from solutions such as AQUABATTERY 'as long duration energy storage will become a cornerstone for integrating renewables into the grid, resolving network congestion, and accelerating industrial decarbonisation.'

In addition to its value to a net-zero energy system, AQUABATTERY’s use of table salt and water, which are abundant and non-toxic materials, creates social and environmental benefits in the Netherlands and elsewhere. 

We are happy to invest in a sustainable storage system that has low environmental impact and a high potential to boost battery capacity in the world in the coming years.

Nathal van Rijn, director of InnovationQuarter