Climate-KIC: Business opportunities for climate start-ups in India

Climate-KIC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) in Bangalore, India this week. This partnership will support and promote European climate entrepreneurs in India.

An introduction to the Indian market

The EBTC has an Experience Centre that showcases European technologies, solutions and research and development opportunities via real and virtual media. “European organisations, in general, attempt to find a partner, investor, and customers to get started in India. In reality, most of our technology is too expensive and needs to be tweaked to make it more suitable for the Indian market”, says Frans Nauta, deputy director Entrepreneurship Strategy and International Relations. “EBTC provides services to our start-ups for their market introduction”.

Leena Pishe Thomas, regional manager of EBTC in Bangalore, investigated the portfolio of Climate-KIC start-ups and got excited about the scope and quality of the fantastic products and services available. EBTC is keen to explore the opportunities to source European start-ups that have technology that will work in India.

Start-ups, apply here!

The EBTC will visit theEuropean Climate-KIC locations to meet a selection of start-ups. Ten Climate-KIC start-ups will be offered support to make the most of this unique opportunity, as a first pilot with EBTC. “Our partnership could save the start-ups time and money in the initial phase of developing India as a new market”, confirms Leena Thomas.

The combined objective to create business opportunities for European clean technology entrepreneurs, for start-ups as well as ongoing businesses.

Please contact the Entrepreneurship Team if you are interested in getting involved.