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EIT Climate-KIC: renewable energy crowdfunding platform Lumo acquired by Société Générale

EIT Climate-KIC Lumo

Fintech company Lumo has been acquired by the third-largest bank in France

The move is part of Société Générale’s ambitious 2020 goal of raising EUR 100 billion to finance the energy transition, and is an affirmation of its commitment to climate. Lumo has received support from EIT Climate-KIC


'This acquisition is a strong symbol of recognition for the relevance of our model,' said Alex Raguer, Co-founder and CEO, Lumo. 'We’re very excited to integrate into the Société Générale group, which will enable Lumo to benefit from new capacities, so it may take an unprecedented step in its development strategy and carry out the mission we’ve set for ourselves: To contribute to the development of useful projects and concrete actions that have a positive impact on our environment.'

Transition to efficient and renewable energy is an essential part of climate change mitigation, and this process requires mass mobilisation, as well as funding. Lumo was created with this in mind; to bring together people willing to act with their savings (called Lumonautes) and project owners wishing to involve residents in France’s energy transition.

'There’s an urgency to switch to an energy production model that’s less impactful for our environment. Everyone can act, drive the change, and find solutions,' said Raguer. 'The best way to predict the future is to co-finance it.'

Lumo analyses the finances of renewable energy companies. Once accepted, it defines the financial product offered to the Lumonautes: Duration, amount collected, amortized or not, and yield. Then, the fundraising campaign is published on Lumo’s website and becomes accessible to its investors.

For several years, Lumo has worked to mobilise private investors (individuals and companies) to support eco-friendly energy projects. Now, it wishes to develop its business model to meet the requests of energy professionals who wish to secure crowdfunding for their projects—both in France and abroad.

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