EIT Health seminar students present innovative solutions for diabetes homecare

EIT Health insulin application

See what a group of students saw when they looked into the future to visualise how diabetes homecare should be handled, during the 7 October final presentations of projects developed through an EIT Health Trend Seminar in Munich.

Some 26 students signed up for the seminar, entitled “Digital Innovation in Diabetes Care: Opportunities and Risks for Patients, Health Care and Economies” and began working on projects on 22 August. The real world context was provided by the CLOSE project – an EIT Health innovation project by design dedicated to the implementation of closed loop metabolic control in diabetes care. The students were asked to come up with answers to the question: “How should business models in the field of diabetes homecare look in the future?”

The results of the collaborative projects that the students produced for the EIT Health Trend Seminar will be presented on Friday, 7 October 2016, at the Center of Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), a Munich institution for interdisciplinary education and research in the field of digitization led by ten PhD students.

Author: Edenio Rosati

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