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EIT ICT Labs' Founders’ Pit Stop event attracts 50 startups and Master School students

On October 8th, EIT ICT Labs Germany hosted the fourth edition of Founders’ Pit Stop – a new event series in Berlin designed to provide startups with information, advices, tricks and services on different topics concerning founders. About 50 attendees gathered at EIT ICT Labs Berlin node to learn and network – amongst them many Master School students who are seeking to found their own business one day.

This time, the event was much influenced by Apple – less from a technology perspective and more from company culture and leadership point of view. Since Apple manages to capture the spirit of our time and almost stands as synonym for inspirational leaders, there is much to learn from the innovative company – especially for startups. That is why former UX Designer at Apple – Lindsay Eyink – was invited to share her experience at Founders’ Pit Stop. As one of the early members of the iTunes team, she saw Apple through its greatest period of innovation and growth.

Company Culture, Team & Growth: 3 Key Learnings for Startups

  1. Culture is everything: The best companies in Silicon Valley have well-defined cultures. It guides everything you do — hiring, product design, conducting meetings, shipping products. And it cannot be replicated.
  2. Good management is like dating: You need to know people and you need to know your people. Knowing how to get people to open up is the key to shipping great products and evolving. Have one-to-one meetings, empower and trust, and communicate openly!
  3. Growing is painful: People may leave while the company changes. It’s not a sign of failure, but growth. Hire at all experience levels as diversity helps the junior people learn from senior people and vice versa. Junior people have new perspectives on problems.