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EIT ICT Labs: Smart Retail brings new shopping experiences

EIT ICT Labs has chosen retail as one of key areas where information and communication technologies can improve the quality of life and reach economic growth. People’s shopping habits are changing rapidly. More and more people go to physical shops just to try out things, but then compare prices and buy online. The traditional brick-and-mortar shops are actively looking for completely new ways to attract customers.

The activity Street Smart Retail aims to boost local businesses for instance by introducing ways to understand customer movement, intentions and their shopping profile and to offer more personalized services. We will support retailers to create better shopping experiences with augmented reality, interactive screens and intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting could be used for fitting rooms changing lighting based on the garment you are trying on or when at a shop browsing through their catalogue the physical product you are interested in will be illuminated. By blending on-line and in-store services the customers can experience products in real and still have access to large categories and delivery services.

High impact expected from Street Smart Retail

Street Smart Retail is one of the high impact activities, where the goal is to bring dozens of retail related products and services to the market within the next two years. The activity was kicked-off in Helsinki on 18-19 September with almost 40 participants from Finland, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands, who will be working closely together in the EIT ICT Labs’ Co-location Centres.

“The way we work is fast prototyping and testing. We will work closely with retailers and brands testing and improving our solutions”, explained the activity lead Ville-Veikko Mattila from Nokia.


Activity lead, Ville-Veikko Mattila (

Participating organisations

Aalto University - DFKI - CNR - Engineering - Forum Virium - Nokia - Philips - PoliMi - Reply - Telecom Italia - Trento RISE - TU Berlin - VTT

Street Smart Retail is an activity under the Smart Spaces innovation area.