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Euronews coverage of Climate KIC's theJourney Summer 2012

Euronews spent two days with ClimateKIC's theJourney students in Paris earlier this summer. Here is the short film they made: 

Climate-KIC's theJourney

Based at three partner Climate-KIC co-location centres in Europe, the five-week intensive climate innovation summer school brings together highly motivated participants from across the KIC's education programmes. It offers a first-class opportunity to:

  • Network with and relate personally to like-minded peers at all career levels
  • Meet the people who matter in business, science and policy, including entrepreneurs putting ideas into practice Explore climate change at first hand in its scientific, environmental, political, social and economic contexts
  • Work within multidisciplinary teams supported by business coaches to develop and pitch your own ideas as potential business ventures

More information on theJourney and Climate-KIC's education activities.