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Evaluation criteria for the EIT’s upcoming call for proposals published

EIT Call for Proposals evaluation criteria

The Evaluation Criteria for the EIT’s Call for Proposals 2021 for a new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) have been published.

Find the evaluation criteria here 

To tackle new and emerging global challenges, the EIT is continuing to expand its activities as part of its new strategy by launching a competition for a new Knowledge and Innovation Community:

EIT Culture and Creativity will unleash the potential of artistic, culture-based creativity and to help strengthen Europe’s competitiveness, sustainability, prosperity and smart growth

The next step in the process of designating the new EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community is the publication of the Evaluation Criteria. These criteria build on the principles set in the EIT Regulation and are aligned with the EIT's mission ensuring that the selected proposal will bring all the elements that make a successful EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community.

The Call for Proposals will be published in October 2021 with a deadline for submissions in March 2022. The indicative roadmap is available here.

By uniting cultural and creative organisations from business, higher organisations and research in a pan-European innovation ecosystem, this new EIT KIC will deliver innovative solutions to help the sectors and industries become stronger and more resilient. This new community will train the sector’s future entrepreneurs, power its cutting-edge ventures, and deliver innovative solutions to the challenges facing the sectors. It will also help bridge regional innovation gaps and harness the power of these sectors to support Europe’s cultural leadership.

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