First agreements with KICs signed

In December 2010, the EIT signed a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) and an Annual Grant Agreement with two Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs), namely EIT ICT Labs and KIC InnoEnergy.

These agreements are the first of their kind in Europe and link the EIT to two highly integrated partnerships comprising of excellent partners from business, academia and research. “This is a major step for the European innovation landscape” says Dr. Martin Schuurmans (Chairman of the EIT Governing Board). “For the agreements to be signed, each KIC had to form a legal and financial entity and be led by a CEO. This took time - in fact the larger part of 2010 - but its accomplishment is a major step towards fast pace innovation in European innovation communities spanning the whole knowledge triangle of business, academia and research. I am looking forward to seeing the KICs grow and start delivering innovation results”.

The agreements form the legal basis between the EIT and each KIC and set out their rights and obligations, whilst ensuring an adequate level of coordination. The FPA sets out the long term (seven years) contractual relationship between the EIT and each KIC. Its purpose is to define the respective roles and responsibilities of the EIT and the KIC in implementing their partnership.

Negotiations between the EIT and Climate-KIC have reached their final stage and the EIT expects to sign the agreements with Climate-KIC soon.

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